Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Alex LeMonde

dimanche 21 août 2011

Alex LeMonde

Jason Kingsley

Name: Jason Kingsley
Age: born in 1972

Height: 6’2”

Occupation: Porn star since 2004, musician and composer

Sexual orientation: gay (his lover is the porn star Jed Willcox)

Home country: South Africa

samedi 20 août 2011

Mark Mason

vendredi 19 août 2011

Jake Deckard

Ricky Sinz, Jake Deckard & Trey Casteel
The military is all about team work, and Ricky Sinz really works with furry pecced Jake Deckard to ensure their bottom prey, Trey Casteel, is held down rough so they can both have their way with his hole. Trapping him in a head-lock while Jake plows his ass, you can't get any more erotically aggressive in a threeway than this trio.CLICK HERE

Remy Delaine & Jake Deckard
Jake Deckard is already tearing at Remy Delaineas this video gets started. Remy wants to suck Jake off and gets onto his knees and stares up into Jake's beautiful muscled chest and hairy pecs. They swap positions and then follows the real event of flip-flop fucking. Jake's ass is first to get ridden, then Remy gets his turn.CLICK HERE

Jake, Jason & Matt
It's like Lord of the Flies in this hot threeway video, except the tribe of buff spunks wage war on each other's asses in the jungle. Jake Deckard takes the lead as alphamale of the group, getting his younger companions to pay their dues on his thick tool before he puts it in their holes. All three guys build up quite a sweat in this outdoor orgy and they make sure the lush surroundings get plenty of nourishment from the fountains of cum they produce.CLICK HERE

Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Collin O'Neal
Bald and buff hunk Jake Deckhard and famous furball Steve Cruz are lost and delirious in the desert heat when unconsciousness hits them along with a sex-filled mirage by a seaside oasis. Collin O'Neal is there waiting to join their group fuck and makes this threesome so cum-tastic that it could only be the stuff of fantasy. Steve's hole is well-and-truly worked by Collin as Jake looks on, before he decides to take a turn and finishes off by spewing a white, hot load all over his bottoms back.CLICK HERE

Jake Deckard and Matthew Paris
This video begins in a puff of cigar smoke with Jake Deckard sucking on a fat cigar while Matthieu Paris eats his pits and dick. With Jake's dick well serviced, it's time to fill his ass. Jake spreads his hairy ass, giving it up for Matthieu to use as he wishes. Mathieu then returns the favor and offers up his ass to Jake - which he takes like a man possessed.CLICK HERE

Une version plus jeune du bonhomme.
A younger version of Jake.

Name: Jake Deckard
Age: born in 1972

Height: 5’11”

Occupation: Porn star and professional masseur

Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual

Home country: United-States

Jake Deckard & Anton Harri
You're going to love this team-up between muscle daddy Jake Deckard and ripped, pale beauty Antton Harri. The boys head outdoor for their shoot where the bronzed Deckard starts chowing down on Antton's ass and then fills it with his tool. Antton's going to be feeling this one for weeks to come.CLICK HERE

Mirage scene 10
In the middle of a hot desert these eager cock-suckers won't let the sweltering temperatures deter any of their fun. Dirk Jager lets some of the group suck on his big tool while his ripped abs gleam in the sunlight and then Hussein takes control of Jake Deckard's hairy hole, fucking on the a rocky outcrop.CLICK HERE

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